2021 upgrade; less tradition, more strategy


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2020 had a big impact on all business, it shed light on the weaknesses and strengths that the business had. Although for some, the impact of the pandemic led to bankruptcy and unexpectancies. Surviving as a business has become difficult in recent months and therefore it is all about strategy. 

2020´de biz konuşurken bilim nereye koşuyordu | Şalom Gazetesi

We’re all anxious about what 2021 will bring; will things get better or will they continue getting worse? Setting goals has also become difficult as we’re all too hesitant to do so due to the unpredictable future. 

But it’s time to get out of that cloud and to find new ways to continue your business. With such changes happening so fast, the only thing you can really is adapt. 

Look at it positively  

While such changes may scare or even discourage you, you need to learn to take advantage of the situation. As we’ve noticed, the old rules and services no longer work in the current state. You need to change your strategy and create new ways of work that can work with the circumstances that you’re facing now. New techniques and innovation are always greeted with open arms.

Toxic Positivity: Don't Always Look on the Bright Side | Psychology Today

Review everything about your business, what are some things that could be changed for the better? What are some new methods that you could use to bring more profit? Gather your team around and listen to their ideas; try to change things up in the way your business operates. 

What are customers looking for?

With social distancing at hand, it’s no longer about the old methods of supply and demand. Customers are more cautious and are only looking for their needs. If you’re selling products, then you know that most likely, customers are going to be ordering online rather than physically coming to your store. If you’re providing services, then you’ve realized that most of your services are no longer crucial. 

Just like how the world is changing, the customer’s needs are too. You need to find out what they want and how they want that. 

Conduct research on your clients, take surveys and engage in conversations with your customers, learn more about them. If your business is solving the problems that they face, then surely they’ll bring in more profit. 


Things are complicated right now and there is panic all around. In such times, everyone looks for a leader, someone to assure them of the future and to encourage them to believe in it. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you need to become the leader than those around you are looking for. 

This can be done through the way you speak and the way you perform. If you lift everyone’s spirit and work together, then changes of progress can increase. Take a moment to learn more about some leadership skills.

How To Be A Leader

2021 can either be chaos or a powerful comeback, it all depends on our hard work and belief. It may be hard, but once we get a hold of what we do, then it’ll only get better from there. Try to perform smarter with new strategy and discover new methods of business. 

We’re all about hearing about your comeback, we think it’s an important part of business. Our special project is seeking business owners who have a story to tell about their experience with the pandemic as a business. 

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