About the company

Esprichoo publishing is established with the goal of bringing both business and technological texts to the forefront in the modern age of e-books and audio books. Realizing the niche market of corporate publishing and those interested in listening to books much like they do podcasts, Esprichoo aims to fill that demand in the market by providing high quality projects and other works to the customer through the easiest means possible. By optimizing market needs and targeting an audience not widely considered by most publishers, we hope to make a major splash in the corporate publishing world.

Secretary of Esprichoo Publishing Ltd.

Fereshteh Kerdekari

Co-founder and Secretary

A former translator now turned marketing advisor, Fereshteh has been the marketing muscle behind many businesses and a coordinating director. At Esprichoo, she’s employing her previous expertise in translating books into Farsi and marketing to be a valuable member of the team.

Chief Editor at Esprichoo Publishing Ltd.

Mohammad Kachooee

Chief Editor

His first business venture after managing a translation office in Tehran for about a year. Majoring in Business Administration, he brings a modern perspective to Esprichoo in terms of current market trends, customer demands, and un-tapped potential segments.

Content Creator at Esprichoo Publishing Ltd.

Hosna Kachooee

Content Creator

Media creator in visual arts and an active freelancer. Hosna is a key content creator here at Esprichoo and experienced with Photoshop, blogging, and many other valuable skills. She is also a visual arts creator and writer. She is an experienced photographer and designer.