About the company

Esprichoo publishing is established with the goal of bringing both business and technological texts to the forefront in the modern age of e-books and audio books. Realizing the niche market of corporate publishing and those interested in listening to books much like they do podcasts, Esprichoo aims to fill that demand in the market by providing high quality projects and other works to the customer through the easiest means possible. By optimizing market needs and targeting an audience not widely considered by most publishers, we hope to make a major splash in the corporate publishing world.

meet our team

Fereshteh Kerdekari:
Co-Founder and Writer

Fereshteh is a writer and a mastermind when it comes to turning ideas into words. Her adeptness in business cooperation has been a game changer in forging meaningful partnerships, helping us thrive in a competitive landscape.

Mohsen Kachooee:
Co-Founder and Director

Mohsen stands out as a true visionary. His innovative ideas consistently drive our company forward, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. His expertise not only guides our strategic decisions but also fosters a culture of creativity and growth.

Reza Kerdekari:
Chief Product Managar

Reza is the mastermind behind the production of countless books and printables. With his wealth of knowledge and ability to deliver top-notch production, Reza is a crucial asset to our team, ensuring that our publications are not only of the highest quality but also stand out in a crowded market.

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