Elements of powerful writing

Powerful writing

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Powerful writing is not just putting sentences together to form a paper, it requires far more if it is to be remembered by the readers. We live in the world of information where thousands of articles, books, essays and researches are being published to distribute certain knowledge; all this requires powerful writing. 

It’s not just about following patterns, checking for spelling and choosing the right words to show your message, it’s that you want to fully connect with your reader and keep them interested until the very end. 

Powerful writing is using words, references, quotes, and the right structure to not only connect to the reader, but to make them fully aware of your message; leaving no room for questions and confusion, you’ve already answered them in your text. 

It sounds doable, but there are some characteristics that your text should have for it to be considered powerful. 

Easy to read 

The structure of your paper plays a big role in your reader; if your paper is not approachable then chances are, most people won’t read them. You’d be surprised at how much font, paraphrasing and word choice can affect your paper. For each type of writing, there is a writing pattern. Learn more about choosing the right font from AJE. 

Be sure to choose the right font, structure, images, words, and descriptions when writing your paper. You don’t want to leave room for misunderstandings, confusion, or dissatisfaction for your audience. 

Paper development 

You’re talking about a topic that some may know of or may have not even noticed it. Either way, you want your paper to gradually develop, so that along the way you are making sure your reader understands the elements of the topics. 

You can’t jump straight into the topic and give your opinion on it, this might leave your reader confused. Give your paper a well written introduction; some background on the topic can help with the understanding of your audience. Make your topic clear; apart from your header, your audience should know what you’re talking about and build on it as the paper continues. 



After the introduction, you now have their focus. Keep the rest of the paper focused on the topic and don’t lose their attention. If you’re going to use irrelevant references, ease into it by connecting it to the previous sentence. 

Understandable for your chosen audience 

Who is your audience? This is the first question you need to ask before writing. Knowing your audience can help you with your writing and word choice. If you’re writing for the general public, then you need to make your paper understandable and easy to read, but if you’re writing for a research group, then you need to use complex words. 

Engaging your audience also plays a key role in your writing, you want to have impact on them in order to connect and engage.

In the end, the most powerful writings are the ones written with passion. Pour it all out and spread your message with writing. 


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