Business and online presence

online marketing

Imagine you have your perfect business and just about everything you can ask for, but then a false rumor spreads on the web and all that is taken away instantly. We’ve all seen it happen before, how a small part of your past, be it true or false, can change everything for you. While most […]

Digital Marketing and its effect on restaurants

The importance of digital marking has never been this vivid. The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. The old methods are constantly being tested and people are striving to find new ways to cope with the situation that they have been put in.  As a restaurant business, you were to follow some basic methods […]

How to support local businesses as a business

There is certainly a lot of panic and stress all around businesses. Especially when it comes to work; it’s hard to keep focus on your job when you’re anxious about the future. It’s an uncontrollable feeling that we really can’t avoid, but we can instead, prevent it from interfering with our mood and focus. After […]

Why content is the lifeline of business in the current age

Content draws numbers The internet is full of wonderous things. Online content is one of the main draws of any website. Think of blog articles, videos, podcasts, or any other piece of content you consume daily. The amount of information at our fingertips is astonishing. The moment a pipe starts leaking in your house, you […]

2021 upgrade; less tradition, more strategy


2020 had a big impact on all business, it shed light on the weaknesses and strengths that the business had. Although for some, the impact of the pandemic led to bankruptcy and unexpectancies. Surviving as a business has become difficult in recent months and therefore it is all about strategy.  We’re all anxious about what […]

Why being open to the public is important for businesses

business solutions

In recent years, some governments have embraced being open to the public. In return the public learned to trust those governments and learn about their major activities. Being open might bring criticism as well; some might disapprove of the actions being taken, but in the end the government should listen to its people and earn […]

Louis Glück; the winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize for literature

Louis Gluck

The academy surprised us all with an unexpected win for American poet, Louis Glück. After many years of beautiful poetry collections, many came to know the poet and her life story. She is one of America’s famous poets and a passionate one too. Her poetry collections deal with the challenges of growing old and those […]

Elements of powerful writing

Powerful writing

Powerful writing is not just putting sentences together to form a paper, it requires far more if it is to be remembered by the readers. We live in the world of information where thousands of articles, books, essays and researches are being published to distribute certain knowledge; all this requires powerful writing.  It’s not just […]

Fighting procrastination; getting things done


You’ve got loads of work, but can’t seem to get yourself to do them? Procrastination can sometimes get the best of us. This can solely be the reason for us lacking in results. It can stop us from reaching our goals and keeps us farther from our desired future. It can also affect our moods, lead to stress and depression, […]

The importance of brainstorming

The importance of brainstorming There are days where we have no motivation to do anything, and that is because we have no inspiration or haven’t considered the importance of creativity. Brainstorming can help you with that.   This can be applied to many things; your social media post, book idea, a new painting, improving your system, […]

Leaders of the Hour: Introducing the new project by Esprichoo

Where we are as a province Humanity has shown to be resilient throughout history. The Covid-19 Pandemic has only gone on to further cement that. Yes, there have been needless casualties due to certain governmental and public shortcomings in combating the invisible enemy. However, the fighting spirits that keep going despite how difficult the current […]

6 reasons why you should read more books

How many books have you read in the past month? If it’s a small number then you might want to consider reading more. Books are far more than just entertainment. Although we read everyday through social media and other things around us, reading a book leaves a different impact than they do.  Here is why […]

How to engage an audience on social media

Engaging an audience on social media  More than 3 billion people use social media, making it a huge opportunity for your brand to grow and connect. Through this form of communication, you break down a lot of barriers that you would have if you were using the traditional outbound marketing. And if you do it […]

The Importance of Preserving the History of a Business

Every business has had that first day. It could have been close to opening day or years prior. The day in question concerns the inception of the concept that later became the success worth remembering. The excitement building within the founders, their hesitant eyes as they entered the uncharted territory of what would become one […]

11 books to read before entering the business world

We all want successful careers, we all want that self-esteem that will allow us to do just about anything, the mindset that will allow us to take risks and be confident in what we do. These are the key ingredients to not just a successful life, but also to a healthy way of thinking. When […]

A New Dawn for Corporate Literature

Introducing the new and exciting Esprichoo Publishing, with nearly three decades of experience in the publisher industry and a corporate portfolio to boot. With the current literary landscape, Esprichoo aims to fill a gap long left in publishing through contracting businesses and corporations and assisting them in bringing their narrative to the world. Books, audiobooks, […]

History as told by History Makers: The Memoir of Amir Teymour Kalali by Habib Lajevardi

This book is a narration of Amir Teymour Kalali’s memoir. Mohammad Ibrahim Amir Teymour (Commander-In-Chief Nosrat) (1894-1987) was one of the crucial figures in Iran’s political scene for over fifty years, either as a participant or a witness. In addition to being the patriarch of the Teymouri Clan (residing in East Khorasan), he has held […]

The Importance of being a Multi-lingual Publisher

With the current state of the world and the existence of modern tools, methods, and newly formed industry-wide practices, all activities have found a new shape and form. Just as other activities follow their traditional and out-of-date models into oblivion with no saving grace in sight. Publishing is another industry where new methods and ways […]