Leaders of The Hour: Celebrating the triumphs of businesses through an unprecedented pandemic

British Columbia

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What is Leaders of the Hour, and what does it intend to do?

Many businesses have been and continue to be affected by the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Big and small, the virus has affected companies across Canada and the rest of the world. It was an unprecedented event that still carries on to this day. In its wake, we have seen many stories. Some awe-inspiring, others heart-breaking. It is one of the more recent events in history to affect everyone in a sudden manner. We are indeed living in historic times. Some businesses have had to shut down, some have been the lifeblood keeping the economy afloat. Essential workers have helped all of us through these times. And then there business owners that have adapted and kept food on their employee’s table. Leaders of the Hour aims to document these stories in British Columbia.

We here at Esprichoo feel as though the challenges and triumphs in these times need to be documented. Not just as a document of resilience, but as a snapshot for future generations. That is why we are formally announcing Leaders of The Hour. This is our tribute to the BC business community and its perseverance. Over the coming months, we will be interviewing small businesses in the area about their story. We have already posted one interview on the site which you can read here. In the new year, we hope we can reach businesses in other industries as well. Our hope is that the book will elevate these businesses through documentation of their hard work and adaptability during these trying times. Want your business to be featured? There will be contact information at the end of the article.

What can Leaders of the Hour do for businesses?

The story of a business is what cements its place in the fabric of a community. We all have memories of moments the community came together around a cornerstone establishment near and dear to us. For instance, some have their favorite hair salon. Others a local go-to restaurant with tons of nostalgia. It really is the stories that outlive the challenges. Now, with this project we can record these stories for future generations. In fact, this book will serve as a testament to the local community’s can-do spirit. Hard times are temporary, but tales of overcoming them are forever.

British Columbia
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

How can my business be featured?

There are a myriad of methods to be featured. The project currently focuses on businesses within the British Columbia province. Companies or their representatives can reach us through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even email. Also if you would prefer a call or conducting the interview through voice messages, we can do that as well. Our team will subsequently send you the transcript. We hope you will join us in paying tribute to the community we call our own.



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