The Importance of being a Multi-lingual Publisher

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With the current state of the world and the existence of modern tools, methods, and newly formed industry-wide practices, all activities have found a new shape and form. Just as other activities follow their traditional and out-of-date models into oblivion with no saving grace in sight.
Publishing is another industry where new methods and ways are being implemented where book publishing in a special language or publishers who are mono lingual have had a much more limited scope of progress and activity in comparison to others. In our current day landscape where people prefer verbal cultural products to written ones, the limitations have doubled. This is not to put the blame on the old players in the industry, as many newly formed companies make similar errors. Due to the economic potential and proper competitive fields with a little focus, design, and acceptance of expert opinions this path can be transformed into one with high profits and proper return on investment, which can in turn drastically improve and make the activities of the older publishers one with purpose and luster in a quicker manner.
This post along with calling on the holding of virtual showcases and others, asks for all those in positions of authority at these companies to pay attention to the importance of adapting and creating a space for cooperation and teamwork.
The ultimate goal is to create bridges out of language barriers and connect those with works that may be lost in translation.

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