Leaders of the Hour: Introducing the new project by Esprichoo

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Where we are as a province

Humanity has shown to be resilient throughout history. The Covid-19 Pandemic has only gone on to further cement that. Yes, there have been needless casualties due to certain governmental and public shortcomings in combating the invisible enemy. However, the fighting spirits that keep going despite how difficult the current situation is are a bright spot in a dark time. British Columbia is facing a ravaged tourism industry, increasing daily cases, and governmental restrictions. This has caused many businesses to shut down temporarily and some, sadly, permanently. This pandemic is unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetimes. The last comparable outbreak of this magnitude was the 1908 Flu Epidemic. Although, a not-too-recent trend of ignoring scientists or believing “alternative facts” might have hindered our potential success with handling this global catastrophe. British Columbia has been no different in facing the effects of this outbreak.

While revenues have been down since the pandemic started, some sectors are beginning to bounce back. In fact, the Vancouver film industry has seen an increase in production and shooting due to the city’s superior handling of the virus. Some other industries like event organizers and venues have not had the same outlook. Authorities have discouraged large gatherings altogether, as the current crisis escalates. That leaves those businesses having to wait for the eventual vaccine or the cases dropping to extreme lows. What is important to highlight is the persevering human spirit in all of this. The challenges are many, but so are the triumphs, and this tumultuous time will go down in history.

Introducing the “Leaders of the Hour” project

Esprichoo aims to capture these historic times and the many challenges and triumphs businesses big and small have faced. We believe a business is an integral part of the community it is in. The business, depending on its history, would have signed the first paychecks of many young people looking for a break into the real world. This project will feature interviews with businesses, entertainers, entrepreneurs, managers, and many more entities that have faced off against this pandemic and survived. The interviews will vary in length between 10 to 14 questions and focus on their stories. The article will include the interview process further down. Leaders of the Hour will release as an e-book with a limited physical book run.

We intend to release parts of the interviews as preview for our readers. The project itself would release in 2021. The previews will include promotional materials to cement the image of the business in the readers’ minds. Future generations will have a clearer idea of the times. Statistics and other supporting information will insure that the era is perfectly captured. We believe these are pivotal times in the world economy. The success stories of this pandemic will go on to educate and inspire. It will also allow provincial bodies to see read about what businesses are going through. Readers will remember the sacrifices and challenges their local business has triumphed. That is why we believe this project is important.

The process

For this project, we have decided on businesses located in our province of British Columbia. The interview can be done through many means. Text messages, voice messages, video calls, phone calls, and most means of communication are covered. We want ease and accessibility for businesses, who may already have too much on their plate. Once the interview is complete, a transcript will be prepared and sent to them for finalization. Once the project is complete, we hope to send all participants a copy of the physical book. If you want to participate, you may contact us at hi@esprichoo.net or our chief editor at mo@esprichoo.net.

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