6 reasons why you should read more books

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How many books have you read in the past month? If it’s a small number then you might want to consider reading more.

Books are far more than just entertainment. Although we read everyday through social media and other things around us, reading a book leaves a different impact than they do. 

Here is why you should read a book more often. 


1. Peace of mind 

Taking a break from all that’s happening and picking up a book to read can really help release all the stress and anxiety you have at that moment. When you lose yourself in a good book, you are walking away from everything in your life and entering another realm. 

You’re no longer thinking about your breakup, but of what’s going to happen next to the protagonist. 

It may just be a distraction, but it releases all the tension in you and leaves you in a better state to make decisions. 


2. New Information 

Whether you’re reading fiction or non-fiction, you’re learning something new. This might be new knowledge about a historical event or about medical procedure. 

Your mind will be filled with new information that might one day come in handy. You might use one of the information you’ve learned from a book to debate in a conversation or fight off a challenge that you will face. 

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3. New words and vocabulary 

No matter what book you’re reading, there is always going to be a word that you’ll look up later to find its meaning. It might even be a foreign word from another language. 

These new words can help you seem more intelligent through conversation and give you some self-esteem when others don’t know its meaning. 

Not only will you learn the meaning of that word, but also how it is used in a sentence and how it can be used in others. 


4. Mind exercise 

You’re exercising your brain when you read, you’re constantly remembering new information from previous chapters, and learning new words. Just by reading a few pages, you’re giving a workout to your brain! You’re keeping your brain healthy and yourself energized. 

You’ll have a sharper mind and might even figure out the end of the story due to all the previous exercise and thinking skills you’ve gained in the past. 


5. Keeping focus 

With so much information, thinking, engaging, and remembering, you are keeping focus on a book, a single object.

Nowadays people find that hard to do, because of all the tasks they need to get done before their due date. When we give our attention to so many things at once, we are lowering our productivity and therefore finding it harder to focus on what we need to get done. 

Reading a book can help you get focused again, focused on one detail, one line and one thing that you’re doing. 

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6. Peace and healing 

As mentioned before, reading is great for stress-relief. But there are many other effects it has on your body without your knowing. 

The reason why you feel a sense of calm, is because your blood pressure drops and it lifts your mood. 

This can be of great help for people with mood disorders and mild mental illness. 

The distraction can also help you heal and escape from tragic events that have happened in the past. 


So, close your computer, pick up a book and start reading. Allow yourself to get lost in creativity, information and to have an hour of peace before getting back to work. 


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