The importance of brainstorming

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The importance of brainstorming

There are days where we have no motivation to do anything, and that is because we have no inspiration or haven’t considered the importance of creativity. Brainstorming can help you with that. 

 This can be applied to many things; your social media post, book idea, a new painting, improving your system, an event, or even your next meal. 

Most people don’t have brainstorming sessions and it might sound odd to them that many people dedicate a number of hours/days to brainstorm. 

So, why is it important? Why should we all brainstorm more often? Here are some reasons.


Unleashing creativity

You’re online looking for inspiration and you come across something that you think is great for you. Sometimes that thing will lead to your unique own idea because of the inspiration you received. 

Give yourself a few hours to search the web for inspiration, looking through the works of other people and pages as you go. Social media can be a great place for inspiration as you can find anything from a business idea to a painting idea. 

You might even change up a few things and make it your own, but in the end you have an idea which you didn’t before. Regardless of what you do, you are still unleashing your creativity. Reading can also help with this. 

creativity boost

Being more free in what you do 

Your new idea might not be like the other projects you’ve done before, but you’re giving your passion more liberty to be expressed. 

This can often lead to new opportunities, such as collaborations and sponsorship. Big companies are always looking for people who think differently and express their ideas with creativity.

Apart from getting the idea, you’re also learning new things that you can later apply to other projects. 



Motivation needs inspiration. When you have something in mind that you want to do, you’ll start to think of ways to do it, you’ll do some research and ask around to make it better or unique. 

Brainstorming can be the fuel you need for motivation, before starting anything you should take some time to brainstorm and write down your ideas, generate new ideas and get out there and make them a reality. 

Brainstorming is always the first step in starting a project. 


A break with inspiration 

You’re spending every day of the week working on your project and it can be tiring for you. Even your mind can get tired from the same routine every day, so give it a break. 

Schedule one day of the week for brainstorming; to give your mind a break and inspiration. 

Grab a piece of paper and write down your ideas, look for inspiration online/offline and add to those ideas. Talk to friends and coworkers about it, receive their feedback on it and improve those ideas. This way, throughout the week, not only are you giving yourself a break from all the stress and work, but you’re also generating new ideas as you go. 

writing down ideas

There were just a few benefits of brainstorming. Being a simple technique, it can still have a great effect on you and your work, showing its importance. Why not give it a try? 

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