Public Image Optimization – What costume-made content can do for up-and-coming Entrepreneurs and Companies

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Public Image on the internet
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The Age of Information

We live in what has been dubbed the “Information Age”. Data is more readily available than ever before. Therefore, commerce has shifted towards information technology. A simple glimpse of the top companies today shows just how important information can be. Facebook is a prime example of a company that connects people and thrives on the data they collect. In such a time period, data is currency and information is key. The common internet user today has access to a wealth of knowledge that the best scholars of the previous centuries could never dream of. Every bit of information is at our fingertips. Public image is seen through many lenses.  We know of the issues that happen on a different continent. We may even stumble upon emerging market trends in other industries that could provide new opportunities. These technologies have made us the most aware generation to walk the earth. 

Effects of misinformation in our daily lives

However, with information seems to come misinformation. Narratives are quickly spun out of control and arm-chair experts run rampant on social media networks. If the current Covid-19 Pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that misinformation is much more dangerous and impactful than we could have imagined. There are people out there who do not believe in vaccines or mask wearing and base their claims on pseudoscience and conflicting anecdotes. While misinformation was present in the 1918 epidemic thanks to government cover ups, one would assume with the free flow of information in 2020 it would not be as easy to spread.

With trusted sources available, people should be more skeptical of unproven claims they see online, right? The reality paints a different picture. We are seeing demonstrations against lockdown orders and mask mandates. People openly oppose scientists without any proven data, and it seems more likely that a vaccine would not be the end of this dark chapter. One lesson to take away here is that public image can be similarly distorted. Controlling one’s narrative would provide an effective method when fighting misinformation or unfounded rumors.


Controlling one’s narrative and public image

In the Information Age, one’s public image depends mostly on what information is out there. Using search engines, internet users can find sources on anything they want to be educated about. One social gesture popular now, has become looking someone up on the internet. It allows us to learn more about them. What shows up when a user enters your name into a search bar might be the first impression they have of you. It might be your Wikipedia page, your social media accounts, or articles/media about you. What matters most when it comes to controlling one’s narrative is to be aware of the search results. The right search results can project strength, success, and prestige. The wrong search results could lead to a bad first impression, or an incomplete picture of who you are.

In order to control the narrative, a person must ensure that the right results show up. Through social media engagements and other appearances, you can stay in the public’s mind. Promoting yourself and your projects, while also projecting the right attributes. Keeping a steady blog and professional website is another great way to keep a portfolio of yourself at the ready. In case you are in need of an introduction. The internet is bloated with data and information. Therefore, most users will not bother going past the first page on a search engine. According to Junto, 75% of search-engine users do not click past the first page on Google. All of this time spent creating content to control your narrative sounds exhausting. Especially if you are not a content creator. This is where Esprichoo can be of service.


How can Esprichoo help with your reputation?

With our CEO’s over two decades of experience in the publishing industry, Esprichoo aims to help businesses and entrepreneurs do just that. Control their narrative. We can accomplish that through books that capture the essence of the client’s demands and boost public image. One method is an interview book that covers a topic the client wants. Another, a presentable project spanning the company archives to showcase it’s history. Or just a book that spreads information the client thinks the public should be aware of. Using our network of authors, editors, and other contacts, Esprichoo delivers. If your website looks half-finished and lacks content, Esprichoo can remedy that. Would you like an audiobook interview that chronicles your business history? This content not only allows you to fill everyone else in on who you or your business is. The content will make you stand out and establish your business in the eyes of the public.

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