Why content is the lifeline of business in the current age

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Content draws numbers

The internet is full of wonderous things. Online content is one of the main draws of any website. Think of blog articles, videos, podcasts, or any other piece of content you consume daily. The amount of information at our fingertips is astonishing. The moment a pipe starts leaking in your house, you could watch a YouTube video on how to fix it. Have some ingredients in the fridge and can’t think of a recipe? You can find many helpful articles on cooking sites. It is the content that draws an audience to your website or page. Think of a plumbing company. A website listing their services and information would be great. However, it could even be better with tutorial videos on basic DIY maintenance to draw customers.

Target audience
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Content in terms of B2B

Creating quality content can put your business on the radar for other companies. The blog on your website does not have to be its main focus, but it can draw eyeballs to it. That is why it is very important to add quality content creation to your marketing strategy. It is also a far more effective method in the times we live in. Currently, a great amount of time is spent online. Traditional advertising may have been working well in the past, however, the trends show that content marketing is on the rise. This is especially evident in the B2B section. In a way, businesses can present as more legitimate and experienced in their topic when they produce content relevant to it. This practice will enhance their presence with clients. It will also create an intra-industry image of expertise.

Since the content is relevant and quality, it will be referenced by others in the same line of work. Think of a marketing agency creating short form videos on industry jargon. Other marketing agencies could reference this video for their audience. In this way, your company has made an impression without needing to pay for advertisement. There is also a sense of organic outreach when it comes to content vs. traditional advertising.

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A more natural way to engage

Creating content can be hard. Taking the extra time to edit a video or write a blog post seems, well, extra. However, this is how to reach an audience organically. Social media is another great example. Think of the Wendy’s Twitter phenomena. It provides Twitter users with the sass and wit of a “good Twitter follow” while also bolstering the brand. Compared to other fast food Twitter accounts, it raised the bar for engaging one’s audience. Of course that is one example. You could start a podcast about your line of work. It might not even be about your industry. It could be about your community. We have done just that with BC Based, a podcast all about local British Columbia news of the week.

In closing, it cannot be overstated that content is king. Content marketing is a trend that will shape the future of marketing, and creating a good strategy can put your business miles ahead. Think of creating content that you yourself would like to see or read, or even hear. Now go out there and create away!

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